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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Are you considering a hairdressing, beauty therapy or nail technology course with Hair and Beauty Training Australia? We've thrown together some of the most common questions for you to review about our courses.

If at anytime you feel like speaking to one of our hair and beauty experts, contact our training centre (03) 9654 3000.

How long will my course go for?

Each of our courses has its own dedicated amount time. You can find information regarding course scheduling by downloading the course's timetable from the course info page.

To find the course info page, head to the Courses Page and select your course.

In the centre of the page, you'll find the course time table available for the particular intake session you'd like to attend.

If you don't see a timetable, then you'll need to contact our team (03) 9654 3000.



Is Hair and Beauty Training Australia accredited to train me?

Hair and Beauty Training Australia is a department of a larger organisation called The Institute of Training and Further Education (iTFE). iTFE and Hair and Beauty Training Australia can be found on the Australian Government regulated website

A direct link to our page within this website is below:

I have lots of commitments... Which day(s) of the week will my course be held on?

You can find out the day in which your course will be held by visiting the course info page for your respective course. To do this, go to the Courses Page and select your course of interest. Towards the middle of the page, there should be a download option for a course timetable. Download the timetable and refer to it for session dates.

Who can I speak to at HSTA for more help?

Hair and Beauty Training Australia - Melbourne Head Office

Level 6, 250 Collins St. Melbourne, VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9654 3000

Last Updated on Thursday, 4 June 2015

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